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african hunt safari


This private safari hunting reserve has been owned by a European family for three generations and is well known throughout Namibia for its plenitude of incredible plains game hunting trophy, as well as playing an important role in wildlife conservation.

Our Namibia hunting territory is located in a malaria free zone in the central region of Namibia (Otjozondjupa Region), click here for Namibia map. Our Africa hunting safaris territory neighbors the Waterberg Plateau National Park, renowned for its multitude of rare and endangered African big game and majestic beauty.

Profiting from Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris abundance, a magnificent array of African plains game may be seen grazing on the open plains or congregating near one of the numerous water holes. Found amongst this profusion of African wildlife are over 20 species for plains game hunting as well as Leopard hunting and Cheetah hunting in this natural unspoiled environment. Click here to read about a Leopard hunt or click here to read about a Cheetah hunt.

The African safaris hunting territory consists of a variety of differing terrains including bush land with open savannahs and contains an entire mountain range, Ozondjahe Peak, after which the Namibia hunting reserve is named. The vast area of Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris is 75,000 acres (30.000 hectares) or 120 square miles (300 square kilometers) in one solid landmass, which is ten times larger than the average hunting property in Namibia. This makes it possible for you to fully commit your time to your safari hunting endeavors rather than spending hours driving long distances between small hunting establishments, a common practice amongst hunting outfitters in Namibia.

By limiting the quantity of fair chase hunting safaris that we conduct, we consistently provide our clients with the exceptional African hunting trophies that they expect. As a result of our conscientious hunting practices, Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris possesses the greatest variety, game population and quality of African hunting trophy in the region. Click here to view our African hunting trophy photo gallery.

We encourage you to contact several of our clients as safari hunting references, there is no better way to gain confidence in Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris reputation. So that we may ensure the privacy of our clients, our safari hunting reference list will gladly be provided to you upon request.

We have proudly been featured on two episodes of Just Huntin’ hosted by Bob Richardson and Larry Woodward and an episode of Outdoors in the Heartland also hosted by Bob Richardson and Larry Woodward, both shows appearing on the Outdoor Channel as well as several other networks.

We have also been featured in articles in such illustrious hunting publications as Field & Stream, Buckmasters GunHunter Magazine, Gun World, Safari Magazine from SCI, NRA American Hunter, Big Game Adventures, Jours de Chasse, Connaissance de la Chasse, Texas Trophy Hunters, Huntinamibia, North American Hunter, North American Hunt Club Magazine, Cabela’s Outfitter Journal, Africa’s BowHunter Magazine, Bow Hunting World, African Hunter.

We have also been in National Geographic Magazine & shown on National Geographic Channel, in two documentary films, as well as the Discovery Channel for our conservation efforts with the Cheetah Conservation Fund and our large Cheetah population.

At Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris it has been our honor and our privilege to have as our clients several of the most prominent European Royal Families, a former President from Europe, CEO's and top executives from several of the world largest companies and have hosted on numerous occasions His Excellency Sam Nujoma, the former President of the Republic of Namibia.

“The amount of game and trophy quality on this hunt was excellent” Robert Anderson


There is no typical itinerary for an African Hunting safari. At Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris our terrain and African hunting trophy species are so varied that we prefer to customize safari hunting in Namibia to fit each client’s individual priorities. Once you have decided on the species you wish to hunt we will recommend the amount of time required to meet your expectations for the variety and quality of Africa hunting trophy species you desire. On average, plains game hunting safaris as well as bow hunting safaris are between 9 to 12 hunting days with a minimum of 8 hunting days required for plains game hunting. Dangerous game hunting such as Leopard hunting and Cheetah hunting require a minimum of 12 hunting days.

“I Enjoyed the hunt very much and got everything I intended to take” James Kirk


As the premier hunting outfitter in Namibia, Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris has a complete team of full time professional hunting staff, including two highly accomplished, licensed Professional Hunters (one is an SCI Master Measurer), assisted by our longtime native trackers, skilled skinners and drivers. Note: only a SCI Master Measurer may certify trophies that fall within the top 10 position for their categories in the SCI Record Book of Trophy Animals.

Our Professional Hunters primary goal is to provide you with the finest quality hunting trophy and exceptional personal service in every aspect to ensure that you have a once in a lifetime African Hunting safari adventure.

For an extensive collection of our phenomenal plains game hunting trophy pictures and dangerous game hunting trophy pictures, click here to view our African hunting trophy photo gallery.

Our professional hunting team’s hard work, integrity, understanding and bond with nature are crucial assets to the African big game hunter and key to a rewarding and successful Africa trophy hunt. Our Professional Hunters are not only committed men, they are experts in the field and superb judges of African big game hunting trophy quality but most importantly possess great practical experience and speak several languages including English. Carefully selected freelance Professional Hunters, familiar with Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris territory, are available for larger hunting parties requiring more than two Professional Hunters.

We encourage you to contact several of our clients as safari hunting references, there is no better way to gain confidence in Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris reputation. So that we may ensure the privacy of our clients, our safari hunting reference list will gladly be provided to you upon request.

“The best P. H. I have ever hunted with” Elba Herman


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Click here for more Photos of Ozondjahe or click here for more African trophy hunting pictures


To ensure a trouble free and safe hunting safari, we have four reliable well-maintained and fully equipped Toyota four-wheel drive vehicles which are used for transportation within Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris territory. All of our open-vehicles have radio capability throughout the game reserve, are customized particularly for comfort and hunting purposes and carry a first aid kit. Cool boxes containing water and other refreshments will be brought along on each vehicle for your hydration needs and enjoyment.

“The facilities at Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris were as good as it gets” Lewis Campopiano


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hunting vehicles
Hunting Vehicles
hunting vehicle
Hunting Vehicle
hunting vehicle
Hunting Vehicle
While most shots are taken from within a 110 yards (100 meters), they can range from fairly close in thicker bush to relatively long distances up to 250 yards (230 meters) on open plains, so a good variable scope is suggested, you may also consider bringing a shooting stick or you can use one of ours.

Any caliber .270 or higher may be used for most plains game hunting but we strongly recommend a .300 Magnum caliber rifle or higher. For Cape Eland a .375 H&H Magnum is more suitable.

About 60 rounds of ammunition should be sufficient for a twelve-day hunt. Eighty rounds of ammunition per firearm is the maximum allowable. We think it best that you bring some type of wearable rifle cartridge carrier. We recommend that clients bring their own rifle, although firearms and ammunition may be hired by prior arrangement for US$ 30/day and ammunition supplied at a nominal fee. For optimal performance, rifle sighting will be done prior to the commencement of your hunting safari.

Handguns, automatic weapons and solid point cartridges are not permitted in Namibia.

“I was very pleased and would recommend Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris to ot
hers” Brent Wilbur
Click here to view some Non-Hunting Activities Photos.

At times when not accompanying the hunting party, we encourage our non-hunting guests and family groups to fully enjoy their own safari experience; we provide a variety of activities to choose from. Our guests may indulge in sunbathing or relaxing in the shade by the swimming pool, chauffeured open-vehicle sunrise or sunset game drives, or for the best photographic and video opportunities, game viewing from a blind situated at a waterhole or an open grassy plain.

Horseback riding is available for experienced riders. For something special our old fashioned wagon pulled by horses is a memorable experience as well as being an original and fun way to view game.

Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris is a veritable bird watching paradise as well, home to over 350 varieties of bird species. Familiarize yourself with our African landscape on an accompanied nature walk or take the one hour hike up our very own mountain range to Ozondjahe Peak to avail yourself of the breathtaking panoramic view, truly worth the effort.

Enjoy a few hours visiting Otjiwarongo, our nearest small town (30 minute drive), do a bit of souvenir shopping, buy postcards and other essentials or experience a real Crocodile farm. By prior arrangement, additional day trips, excursions or tours may be organized for a nominal fee, click here to see Excursions & Tours section.

Click here to view some Non-Hunting Activities Photos.

“Our best family trip ever” The Grant Family
african hunting safari

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