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leopard hunting
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leopard hunt

LEOPARD HUNTING (click here to read about Cheetah hunting)

If you are looking for a Leopard hunting safari, Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris territory has a high population of Leopards for the trophy hunter who has been seeking this elusive member of the Big Five as well as other dangerous game hunting. click here to view our Leopard hunting pictures or click here to view our African hunting trophy photo gallery.


We do have a healthy number of Leopards on the game reserve, however we strictly limit our Leopard hunt s in an effort to manage our wildlife resources. We offer only four to five Leopard hunting safaris each year. We work on a demand basis, meaning when you are coming for a Leopard hunt we will start baiting and setting up hides in key locations a couple months before your arrival in order to stimulate the Leopard activity and increase your chances of taking your Leopard.

We do not set out baits for Leopard hunting all year long as specialized Leopard hunting safari outfitters do, we consider that to be feeding not baiting. We do not offer any guarantee as a specialized Leopard hunting outfitter may, but our daily rates are much lower, we do not charge for baiting and the minimum required hunting days are less than these types of Leopard hunting operations. Our clients also enjoy combining their Leopard hunt with plains game hunting which is not always possible with other Leopard hunting safari outfitters, where clients may spend up to twenty-four hours a day in the blind for days on end.

The better months for Leopard hunting at Ozondjahe Hunting Safaris are April through November, although Leopards are present and can be hunted throughout the hunting season. We have an excellent Leopard hunting success rate. Please note that the USA, as well as some other countries, require a CITES permit for the importation of a Leopard hunting trophy, which ideally should be applied for before the Leopard hunt takes place.

Both Leopard hunting and Cheetah hunting requires a minimum of 12 hunting days and are in combination with a plains game hunt. Should a Leopard or Cheetah be encountered on a plains game only hunt, it may be taken ONLY upon approval by the Professional Hunter and payment by the client of a special tariff of US$ 1500.00 per animal in addition to the regular Trophy Fee rate.

Namibia does not allow bow hunting Leopard, however South Africa bow hunting laws permit such dangerous game hunting. Although permits for South Africa bow hunting Leopards are scarce, should you be interested in bow hunting in South Africa for a Leopard, please contact us so we can help you with this special request. Although bow hunting Leopard is not allowed, cheetah bow hunting in namibia is permitted.

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leopard hunting
leopard hunting
leopard hunting
leopard hunt


leopard hunting
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